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Learn about Desert Karts right here:
Desert Design & Fabrication LLC has been building superlight off-road cars since 2000. In this time we have built single seat mini rails for individual customers, and for rental companies in the US and abroad. Our karts have been used on TV shows, and by individuals for recreation. The carts we sell have evolved over time and the look continues to change with customer demand. We don't build two seat cars but we plan on doing it in the future. When we do build a two seat buggy the pictures and information will be added to the site. Some of the mini rails and go carts shown on this site where built by customers from the go kart plans available here. Some were rolling chassis' built by desertkarts.com and completed by a customers. These are an evolution from the go kart plans. Some are powered by snowmobile engines others by motorcycle engines, they are all built with information from the go kart plans. They can be driven at the dunes or in the dirt. Many of these carts can be seen at the Imperial sand dunes or Glamis. Compare all go cart plans to our mini buggy plans, or mini rail plans. Call them what you will, our go kart plans produce a buggy that works! We can support your Badland buggy build with parts. Badland Buggy no longer sells parts but we can support your build with the same high quality parts that Badland buggy was selling. so Badland buggy builders can still finish their builds with desertkarts parts.
The Oregon dunes is a common place to see the Panther mini sand rail. Some customers use the go kart plans as a guideline to complete a car that they fell work best for them. The customers with dunning and fabrication experience understand the benefits of the Double A-arm Front Suspension and Trailing Arm Rear Suspension combination. The carts or mini rails can be equipped with our Hydraulic Pedal Assembly, master cylinder, quick disconnect hub, buggy shocks, steering shaft, buggy steering wheel, buggy seat belts, mini rail spindles, mini buggy hubs, mini buggy tie rods, go-kart rack and pinion, steering u-joint. Check out our online catalog. Florida based Off-Road Buggy builders choose the knock down chassis kit then later ordered the suspension parts. Fast progress is made towards the completion of Mini off-road buggies when more parts are purchased. Get the tires and wheels on Ebay for an exceptional purchase price. The Panther go Karts are designed to be economical so the tire recommendations are very conservative. Some customers found these big tires, that look great on the bigger knock down frame, for less money than the recommended tires. Shopping around can keep your dune buggy costs way down. Complete Karts, kits, and rolling chassis' for motorcycle or snowmobile engines are available. Building mini sand rails from plans by the DIY community are an emerging hobby. Get your kart plans here. Mini buggy shocks and long travel suspension parts are available at desertkarts.com.

go kart, mini buggy, sand rail, plans and parts. Off road superlite buggies are the curent trend in atv's.
Off-Road Parts Since 1999.
Updated December 1, 2013

New Phone Number 702-469-3378.

Off-Road Go Kart Parts

Off-Road Go Kart builders from around the world use Desert Kart Parts! If you are new to the world of off-road go karting, welcome aboard. DesertKarts.Com is the leading supplier to the effort. We have been doing this for more than 12 years. Desert Karts has the off-road parts and the answers you need. We speak the language, if you have questions, give us a call.click here or on the image.

Pantera Mini Sandrail

After 12 years as a fab shop we at DesertKarts.Com have decided to focus on parts sales. This will give us more time to support the people building the Panther off-road go kart from the plans.

New Parts!

Click on the image to see more new parts.

Pantera Off-Road Kart

A larger version of the Panther Karts. A long travel version with 1-1/4" tubing. For more pictures click on image above.

Sandrail Brakes

Custom Pedal Assembly kits. Build your Hydraulic pedal assembly to suit your buggy application. Now you can select any combination of pedals and master cylinders for your buggy or specialty vehicle. Now you can select a pedal frame with or without a roller pedal. You can also select a brake master cylinder for your 4 wheel brake system. Our 4 wheel brake system allows you to control the brake bias. Our single brake mini rail brake system might be what you need. Gas and brake only? We have it. To read more about choosing the right kit.click here.

The Panther ATK

Build the Panther ATK from the plans. The plans are available for you to build the original 2000 Panther ATK at home. Send your pictures if you want them on the site.
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Featured Parts

Back in stock are the very popular 16-1/4" off-road Go Kart shocks. $65.00 per pair.


The difference between us and the competition is we know how these parts fit and how to help you with your projects. Some times having a free CAD drawing helps you figure out if our parts will work in your application. But, I cant do your homework.

New Cart Parts

The online catalog has just about everything you need to build a mini rail. Hard to find parts, regular stuff, and custom designed mini rail parts that work on your mini.
Click on image to find your parts!

Quick Steering Parts

New 3/4" splined coupler for the steering quickener. There is a new section in the catalog for the steering quickener and the related parts to make it easier to choose the right stuff.click here.