Some of the mini rails and go carts shown on this site where built by customers from the go kart plans available here. Some were rolling chassis' built by and completed by a customers. Some are powered by snowmobile engines others by motorcycle engines. They can be driven at the dunes or in the dirt. Many of these carts can be seen at the Imperial sand dunes or Glamis. Compare all go cart plans to our mini buggy plans, or mini rail plans. Call them what you will, our plans produce a buggy that works!
The Oregon dunes is a common place to see the Panther mini sand rail. Some customers use the plans as a guideline to complete a car that they fell work best for them. The customers with dunning and fabrication experience understand the benefits of the Double A-arm Front Suspension and Trailing Arm Rear Suspension combination. The carts or mini rails can be equipped with our Hydraulic Pedal Assembly, master cylinder, quick disconnect hub, buggy shocks, steering shaft, buggy steering wheel, buggy seat belts, mini rail spindles, mini buggy hubs, mini buggy tie rods, go-kart rack and pinion, steering u-joint. Check out our online catalog. Florida based Off-Road Buggy builders choose the knock down chassis kit then later ordered the suspension parts. Fast progress is made towards the completion of Mini off-road buggies when more parts are purchased. Get the tires and wheels on Ebay for an exceptional purchase price. The Panther Karts are designed to be economical so the tire recommendations are very conservative. Some customers found these big tires, that look great on the bigger knock down frame, for less money than the recommended tires. Shopping around can keep your dune buggy costs way down. Complete Karts, kits, and rolling chassis' for motorcycle or snowmobile engines are available. Building mini sand rails from plans by the DIY community are an emerging hobby. Get your kart plans here.
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Building fully suspended off-road karts from plans is a challenging hobby. The process is fun and educational. There are some things that you want to keep in mind as you get ready to finish your project. Avoid the pit falls by following the recommendations listed below:

Invite one of your mechanically inclined friends over to drive the cart. You might think that you have the kart ready for paint, but there is nothing more helpful than having a second set of eyes go over your work. A volunteer should be easy to find.

Once the kart has been given a good shake down, put some time on it. You might decide to change things once you have driven it a while. Spray the bare metal parts with WD-40. This will prevent rusting while the car is in the testing stages. If the buggy ends up going through the mud it will be much easier to clean. The WD-40 does a nice job of protecting the steel. Wipe down the car if it gets real dirty, then reapply more WD. Don't rush into the paint job.

Riding late into the afternoon will remind you that mounting lights, switches and wires could extend your outings. Everything changes once the car is together. Remove the gas tank before welding your modifications. Cap and protect all fuel lines and the carburetor before proceeding.

If you plan on riding in a public or regulated riding area you may find that a tab for the safety flag will be needed.

Once the paint is applied. Take advantage of the chance to get some good pictures. Off-roading takes its' toll on paint. Dunning is a constant sand blasting session.

Loading up the toys heading to your favorite riding area with your family is a fun way to spend time together. Keep it safe by wearing the appropriate equipment. If you are new to the desert take a lot of water, and don't go when it's hot! If you don't have your plans yet. You can order them on-line via our secure server. Click on the "order plans" link on this page.

Take spares. It's no fun to end the weekend early because you didn't have replacement tires or shocks. Off-road karting is hard on the equipment, be prepared.

Don't drink and drive.
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